Removing Powder Coating

Used commonly as a dry finishing process, powder coating was first used in the 1960s and has been an extremely popular option for coating ever since. There are a ton of things powder coating is used on for a multitude of reasons. Metals that require a heat resistant coating like kitchen appliances typically utilize powder. This type of finish is also used for the frames of both bicycles and cars.

The coating first starts out in powder form and is then crushed into polymer resin mixed with a number of other ingredients such as pigments and curatives. The minuscule particles are then blended into a mixture and applied to a surface commonly using an application medium called electrostatic spray deposition. Following application, this layer will be remolded using heat to create a film of finish. In order to properly apply this surface coating, the outer layer must be thoroughly cleaned and clear of residue that can hinder a floor resurfacing.

Powder coating is used to protect machinery operated regularly and on a daily basis. This can be industrial equipment or something as simple as a kitchen appliance. It is used to color the metals used to manufacture these products. Car manufacturers utilize powder coating due to its durability and functionality. Essentially, the powder is sprayed onto a surface and is “baked” onto it following the completion of application.

This kind of coloring method is highly sought after due to the advantages it provides. Alongside being considerably durable, it is also simple to upkeep. Wear and tear is of no threat to powder coating if properly maintained. You can find powder coating in your gym, overlaying the metals used to construct workout equipment. Hardware used on farms like tractors are typically coated with powder as its medium of paint. Powder coating is more resistant to fading due to increased sun exposure which is why automotive manufacturers choose to use it.

The heat and bonding process powder coating undergoes makes it retain its appearance for a longer amount of time opposed to other ways of painting. It is also extremely cost effective because it lasts so long and the time it takes to apply to a surface is short. It doesn’t require any downtime to allow for drying of the coating and uses less manual labor which makes it less costly. The eco-friendliness of powder coating also puts it at more of an advantage than regular paint. Paint can be harmful to the environment, but powder coating is applied with less mess and uses no harsh chemicals in order to adhere to a surface.

Sometimes, there is a need to remove powder coating. A botched paint job or imperfections can require special attention to remove the powder coating. Because powder coating is extremely bonded and adhered to the surface it is applied upon, it can be quite difficult to remove or repair. You need an experienced Amarillo sandblaster to get the job done. To determine what kind of media you should use to sandblast powder coating you wish to remove, you must consider the durability of the material the coating is on. More abrasive materials that can provide a smoother, more adhering surface might be required depending on what you want out of your sandblasting experience.

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