Soda Blasting for Fire Damage

The loss a fire can cause to someone’s life is something no one should ever have to go through. Losing belongings to the flames is devastating and can force someone to start all over again. Some are fortunate enough to catch the fire before it spreads, but the flames that were able to light inevitably caused some damage. Black smoke stains cover the walls where the fire was started and all the places it hit. Soot and debris can be stuck to the floor in large quantities.

The clean up can be even more devastating. Having to go through and clean the residue from a fire can take its toll on a person whether they experienced a great loss because of it or not. Those stains can be tough to remove and home remedies are more likely to be a miss rather than a hit. If the damage is more extensive than just imperfections to walls and floors, you will need to do a lot more restoration work.

Fires can start from so many different things. Candles alight underneath curtains or accidentally tipped over, exposed electrical wiring, and even cooking with oil in the kitchen are all ways a house can go up in flames. Fire prevention should always be taken into consideration when potentially fire causing activities like these are taking place. Sometimes, a fire can get the best of us. You may not be aware of some faulty wiring or someone in your home could have lit a candle unbeknownst to you. These things are out of our control when we are ignorant to them, but catching a fire before it spreads could really save you.

There will be times a fire will overtake and you will have no choice but to exit the house and wait for firefighters. In that case, your house will definitely require some restoration. One of the best ways to clean up after a fire has plagued your residence is with the use of blasting equipment. There are a number of types of blasting that work best for removing the aftermath of a fire. Hiring the best Amarillo sandblaster will benefit you greatly.

Soda blasting is the most popular method that requires the use of sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, as an abrasive media. You can’t just use the typical baking soda found in your local market. The kind of sodium bicarbonate that is used for soda blasting is made specifically for it. Since baking soda is not as aggressive as other media of sandblasting, it is perfect for getting rid of smoke stains and debris. This is also a great technique for ridding a surface of mold all while remaining chemical free.

Dry ice blasting is another way to effectively restore a home after a fire. If not done properly, soda blasting can be messy and requires clean up after completion. With dry ice blasting, there is no leftover residue to mop up. Because it is a non-abrasive way to blast surfaces, flaws and imperfections can be reduced as opposed to abrasive blasting. There is no waste because the media, dry ice, turns to a gas after contact with the surface. It is also safe since dry ice is not a hazardous chemical.

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