Removing Graffiti with a Sandblaster

When you own a business with a storefront, vandalism to your building is always a possibility. Local graffiti “artists” plaster their work on whatever they deem fit and there is a chance one day they will choose your store. Some people don’t mind the illustrations, but sometimes it can be in an inappropriate setting. When or if this ever happens to you, investing in the best strategies to remove the graffiti will be of the greatest benefit. You could scrub some store-bought or homemade treatment for hours yourself and be severely disappointed with the results, or you could hire a professional sandblaster to do it for you with equipment that can cut the time it takes in half.

Removing paint from walls can be a grueling process. Using harsh chemicals to disintegrate the paint can lead to hazardous health and safety conditions and contribute to the pollution of the Earth. Sandblasting is an eco-friendly and extremely time-efficient way to remove spray paint from a variety of surfaces. Painting over the graffiti is always an option, but if you want to restore it to its original state, sandblasting is the way to go.

Sandblasting is the better known term for abrasive blasting. Blasting using media that is abrasive is great for surfaces like stone and concrete. Less abrasive methods like soda blasting are good for removing dirt and debris from homes after a fire. Non-abrasive techniques like dustless and dry ice blasting are excellent for this purpose as well.

The medium you choose to use for your graffiti removal will depend on the damage that has been done. If there are layers of paint, something more aggressive is necessary to remove all of them more effectively. If you have an older brick building and the surface is delicate, you will have no choice but to use a less abrasive blasting medium to avoid further damage.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone loves the look of graffiti. The time it takes to build your brand should not be compromised by the work of a graffiti vandal. There are different types of graffiti such as tagging, gang symbols, and generic. No matter what type, you don’t want people seeing whatever they choose to paint and associate it with your business. Spray painting on other people’s property is wrong unless permission from the building owner was received. Those who don’t permit graffiti on their property might still fall victim and it is important to know what option to remove the paint is best for your building type.

Older brick and stone must be handled with care. Hiring a professional who understands the fragility of old surfaces is crucial to the integrity of the exterior of your building. To avoid any disfigurement, the person you hire to sandblast your building should demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the practice. A good way to ensure you have picked a good sandblaster is to look at the reviews they have garnered online since they opened.

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