fast and efficient restoration

Safe on All Surfaces

Concrete surfaces need to be prepared prior to resurface to look like new concrete again or being upgraded to a decorative finish. But don’t worry our products are safe on all surfaces.

Any Size

With our dustless blasting techniques, we can remove over a hundred layers of paint in minutes. Size is no longer a problem with dustless blasting as we can cover large areas in no time.

Easy and Efficient

Don’t stress yourself with removal, we got your back. We make the removal easy and the cleanup easier. Graffiti can be tough but PBR’s dustless blasting makes easy work of it.

Brick, Wood, and More

Our dustless blasting applicants can be used on nearly any surface, so rest easy that the material your wall is made of will turn out undamaged and in pristine condition! 

graffiti removal

Any Building


Graffiti is often an unwelcome site for businesses and communities and can deter potential customers and visitors from the area. PBR Blasting’s surface restoration specialists possess the expertise to remove paint and other graffiti art from all surfaces including brick, concrete, and wood.

With the convenience of our eco-friendly sandblasting techniques, we can quickly and easily return your buildings to their original beauty! Our graffiti removal services are of course mobile, so we come to you.

Use On All Surfaces We are able to clean a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, and more with our mobile blasters.