Concrete Shot Blasting

Overtime, wear and tear on painted concrete surfaces can become excessive and require a facelift. As the years pass, the urge to remodel their home can overtake a person and the floors will inevitably be part of this process. If you are needing to remove old paint from concrete or are looking to redo the flooring in your home, the best way to prepare concrete surfaces is by shot blasting.

Shot blasting is a process that entails special equipment to propel shots of steel beads at a surface in a close proximity to wear away the top layer. If the old paint on a concrete surface is chipping away, it will be hard to restore without using some force to get it off. Heavy surface coatings like rubber should be first treated with a floor grinder before employing a shot blaster to expose a smooth concrete surface.

You might be weary of this process due to the fact that it sounds so violent, but you shouldn’t worry. When a shot blaster is triggered, the metal beads that shoot out quickly are released in a contained area within the equipment. Once they hit the floor, they bounce back up and the machine collects them to reuse. You don’t have to stress about cleaning up any particles from the job. The machine not online gathers up the steel beads, but it also sucks up the blasted away surface so there is no debris left behind. Trusting a professional Amarillo sandblaster will give you the best results.

Knowing when shot blasting is your best option for you will be of the most benefit. Having the knowledge to choose the right method will give you the best results to complete the job you need done. Normally, concrete shot blasting is required for things like construction on bridges or parking garages, replacing the flooring in a large area, or when a floor with optimal grip is a necessity.

When it comes to shot blasting, there are many benefits in the area of safety and efficacy. Because no harsh chemicals are involved and the operation is contained within the machine, shot blasting is a safe way to create non-slip surfaces. Another advantage to shot blasting is how effective it is at preparing concrete for new coatings of epoxy or paint. The smooth and clean texture it creates will better hold on to the new substances. With little to no clean up involved, shot blasting is a great way to get the job done.

Depending on how large of a space requires attention, shot blasting can range in price. There are options to rent your own shot blaster or hire someone to do it for you. Our recommendation is that you let a professional take care of it so you don’t have to waste time learning how to safely and effectively operate the equipment. With a skilled shot blaster, you will benefit from the expertise and experience they can bring to the table. They can also finish the job in a much more timely manner so you can get your new flooring down or have a nicely resurfaced floor in a shorter amount of time.

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