Brick & Stone Sandblasting

There are a lot of factors that can play into the quality of the stone and brick surfaces in a home. Stone surfaces can become damaged by algae that builds upon them or dirt wearing away at their exterior. Graffiti, paint, and pollution are all components that can tarnish stone. This can leave surfaces appearing unsightly and drab and can be of hazard if slippery. When water and dirt continuously run across a stone, it becomes smooth and slick. On top of that, the build up of algae can create a slimy texture that contributes to the rock’s slipperiness.

Sand blasting is a productive way to rid stones, and surfaces composite of stone, of these materials. This method of restoration has been used to effectively rehabilitate old things made of stone such as fireplace mantels or the outside material of a home. It is important to take into consideration the condition of the stone you want to sandblast. If there are any cracks or other impairments, sand blasting could further damage or even break the stone completely, so make sure you are only sandblasting stones that are in good shape and using a skilled and knowledgeable sandblaster in Amarillo.

If the stone you wish to restore is covered in lime staining or paint, sand blasting is the way to go. Older stones require more care so they need to be handled by a professional. A professional can give you the best results with fragile stones and any kind of brickwork. You should avoid trying to sandblast matured brick and stone yourself due to the delicate nature of the surface. For these kinds of materials, a better option that will provide a more gentle approach to the removal of imperfections would be dustless blasting.

Think about the different weather conditions the bricks on your house have experienced. They are sure to have some level of wear and tear. You must be fully aware of the state the entire surface is in to choose the right way to restore them. More aggressive strategies could do more harm than good if the masonry or brickwork is in poor shape. The last thing you want is to chip away at any layers other than the top one so the structure of the material stays intact.

There are always different ways to go about cleaning and restoring brick. You could choose to try out some home remedies like baking soda and vinegar or even boric acid, but boric acid should be handled with extreme care due to its hazardous nature and a homemade solution might not do the trick. Instead of wasting your time on practices that will give you mediocre or no results, hire a professional dustless blasting service to take care of your needs. The knowledge an expert has in this type of work will result in an even more accurate cleaning and restoration of surfaces.

The advantages to dustless blasting are great. It is a great way to save time on restoring brick or stone into prime shape, and will give you better results than attempting any DIY methods. Removing paint, stains, and bumpy textures with ease on exterior surfaces can also be accomplished through dustless blasting.

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