Automotive Media Blasting

Sometimes we lose focus on the little things, like upkeeping a car. The rust and oxidation can collect slowly and to the point where some simple touch ups won’t suffice. If your car is older, you might notice its age is beginning to show as rust begins to build up. When this happens, it can be extremely frustrating to find solutions. One of the best and most efficient ways to rid your vehicle of these things is to hire a professional Amarillo sandblaster to fix it for you.

Sandblasting, also referred to as abrasive blasting or media blasting, is the process of using high powered air compressing machinery in conjunction with a blasting machine that juts out an abrasive media, like crushed glass or baking soda, to aggressively blow and scrape hard-to-remove dust, debris, and other particles off of surfaces. Through this process, the surfaces that were blown will have a more smooth texture. Sand is super effective at creating even surfaces due to the miniscule and gritty nature of the particles it contains. Blowing it at surfaces with high powered machinery allows for the removal of unwanted build up just as a piece of sandpaper would be able to remove the outer layer of the surface it is rubbed against.

Repainting a car can be a multi-step operation when the vehicle is in need of a little extra TLC. If there are rust and oxidation spots or places with excessive paint, sandblasting may be necessary to smooth out the texture for a nice new coat of paint. Sandblasting a car takes a lot of skill and precision to get the job done correctly and without flaws. The body of a car is thinner and more delicate than, say, the underside that is made of steel. Because of this, it is necessary to ensure the use of the right media of sandblasting. A few medias that are effective for all parts of the car are glass that has been finely crushed and baking soda.

Cars that have been left out to endure harsh weather conditions are immensely prone to rust and oxidation. By not using water to treat rusted cars, there is no worry that the body of the cars will be warped. It is essential to hire a professional who knows exactly what pressure to use when working with different materials and surfaces. Proper protection of surfaces that cannot withstand or do not require sandblasting is essential to the preservation of the vehicle. Windows are a material (glass) that should never be sandblasted because they could suffer severe damage. They should be appropriately covered with a medium that will serve as a barrier and prevent the pressure of the blaster from doing any harm to them.

The action of sandblasting is intense and should only be performed by a professional. The proper safety gear and clothing should be worn at all times and the parts of the car that are vulnerable should always be covered. They should also never be pointed at with the nozzle of the sandblaster. Older cars are better equipped to handle the pressure from sandblasting due to the denseness and solidity of materials that were used to construct them.

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