Bill’s Backyard Classics

The city of Amarillo is home to quite a few artistic oddities thanks to a man named Stanley Marsh III. Through his artistic vision, Marsh commissioned some of Amarillo’s biggest art installations and tourist attractions including Cadillac Ranch, a field located between the city and the town of Bushland featuring 10 retro Cadillac Cars buried nose-down in the dirt, and Dynamite Museum, the world’s largest freely installed art installation with over 3,000 road signs fashioned with original artwork or sayings, words (one sign just reads the word “duck” in all capital letters), or poems. With so many art pieces to see, and a good number of museums to visit, Amarillo contains a solid base of attractions, one of these being Bill’s Backyard Classics, a classic car collection started by a man named Bill who wanted to share the cars he’s accumulated over the years with those interested.

Bill Pratt, owner of Bill’s Backyard Classics, is a local retiree who was looking for something to occupy his time and keep his mind engaged. Through his search for a hobby, Bill decided he would indulge in his interest in classic cars and start a car collection to stay entertained. He began this venture in 2015 and was already the owner of a few classic cars. He quickly grew his collection and today, in 2022, Bill’s collection features more than 90 different cars that range in year and model. The oldest car Bill was delighted to obtain was made and distributed in the 1920s and is on display at his museum.

Mr. Pratt was not aware of the collective love a lot of people hold for retro vehicles. The amount of people who collect, refurbish, study and view cars surprised Pratt, so he decided to share his collection with the public. He also realized the lack of things to do and see in Amarillo and wanted to add something to the mix for anyone. Those that aren’t necessarily enamored with classic cars or just cars in general will still be interested in seeing what there is to see at Bill’s Backyard Classics.

When Bill commissioned the construction of the building his collection would be housed in and displayed to the world, he continued the growth of his collection. He was on a mission to produce an interesting site to see for anyone interested in seeing it. Bill was determined to keep people entertained and engaged with his museum by adding more interesting cars to his collection. To find more cars, Bill and his wife would look to magazine ads and attend car shows. In a span of 18 months, the pair bought and gathered 88 vehicles. Each car the couple bought was restored and cleaned to be put on display. The collection is the largest privately owned in the area and contains Bob Segar’s ‘61 Pontiac Catalina convertible as well as Roy Hofheinz ‘56 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine.

To keep the cars up-to-date on repairs and maintenance, the museum has a car repair shop located on the premises. Visitors can access the museum Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Admission is $10, but children 12 and under are free.

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Map from Bill’s Backyard Classics to Panhandle Blasting & Restoration:

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